Date: 8th December 2017 at 12:01am
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We’re desperate for Newcastle United to take football seriously again after so many years of having our expectations controlled and recent stories of takeovers have fed that addiction.

Like a light bulb responding to a switch, the majority of us are like a moth attracted to the light with logic going on all around not doing enough to stop us burning ourselves on the glass and an eventual drop.

The Mike Ashley ownership, away from the business side, has been a disaster with his personal opinion of balancing the books being released at the sacrifice of what the every day fan believes in. Being the best we can possibly be and trying to be at the very least.

With unofficial rumours saying that Mike Ashley has been actively trying to sell the club for a good few years, the last few weeks saw Newcastle release a statement in which they confirmed that the club is for sale.

Like the last official time we were allegedly up for grabs, the media were on to it and like little puppies we have latched on to every word and paragraph. Some days are good and some days are bad but ultimately we’re supposed to be being protected by the legal side of things including signed NDA’s but the damage is done.

With deadline’s fast approaching and nothing looking likely on the sale front, the fact that it takes a certain period of time for the premier league to ratify things, means that if anything is agreed then it may be too late for the January transfer window. Negativity was starting to grow.

Anyway, lo and behold and out of the blue, the Sun and Mirror just happen to be on hand to see Mike Ashley and Amanda Staveley of the alleged interested group, PCP Partners, having a meeting in a curry house. Oh what luck.

Whilst many are rejoicing tonight that a deal could be close to being done, we only need to look back a few years to Ashley meeting Barry Moat inside St James’ on a match day to show that these pictures can tell more than one side of a story and id hazard that there is something on the PR side here.

All is not what it seems and we need to be careful not to take our eyes off the fact that Ashley still owns this club which means until he’s got rid, he has a job to do with strengthening in January paramount.