Date: 23rd January 2018 at 12:19pm
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Maybe im showing my age here but a lot of things annoy me in life, I may not be one of those who’s temper goes up a few gears once ive got a steering wheel in my hands but maybe it’s the experience of seeing or feeling it all in life that gets the red mist prepared.

21st century football debate is right up there with the annoyances of life with that repeated Disney time programme shown every time it was a bank holiday back in the day for me or rainy day films of monotonous tones. Yous all know the list.

Those of us who knew football before it was invented by Sky TV with the fairness of how football genuinely seemed compared to nowadays where many peoples opinions are shaped via social media, paper talk or fabricated experts on TV who reckon they know it all. There’s a big rivalry straight off between all sides.

For us though, since Mike Ashley bought the club, we have seen many aspects change with the bending of the truth right up there with the thousand of so other annoyances there’s been in that decade.

Even armed with the facts of time after time of being lied to or let down, one release of a whisper and the next minute it’s gospel.

It’s like Charlie and the Chocolate factory and the promise that there’s five golden tickets hidden in a chocolate bar around the country with each one promising that something good will happen, only in our case, there are no tickets and there never was.

Still, people go looking for them based on nothing but invisible talking.

This is of course referring to the news from Sky that Newcastle have in their sights a £20m striker. They’re quite specific that this target has this price. No debating, no negotiating, it’s £20m. It’s a record breaking deal they say.

They also say that they dont know the name, they aren’t allowed to know the name in case it scuppers the deal and they dont know anything else.

Obviously the group of fans who lap this sort of thing up have been doing their version of guess who with names being banded about and dismissed on twitter. George Caulkin of The Times seems to have a little knowledge of being told something.

Why people are lapping it up is unbelievable really considering the propaganda we’ve had here over the years and still to this day are we being run to the minimum of our means.

£20m is not the equivalent of the time we paid a world record sum of £15m for Alan Shearer for someone in the top 5% of strikers in the world at the time, it is what is paid for someone to sit on the bench so it’s not a statement, it would be more a necessity or the mark of a club that has went backwards for ten years.

Right, where’s that golden ticket?

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