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Are the Toon now in seven heaven?

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Newcastle United have the potential to turn the ‘big six’ into the ‘Big Seven’

Chelsea’s new  American owner, who recently completed a £4.25billion deal to buy the Blues, has stated  in a Telegraph article that “The Toon” could be right up there pushing at the end of the season!

The future of Chelsea had been up in the air after Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government. This led to a huge race against time for someone to buy the club, with the clock ticking on their existence.

Competition in the Premier League is expected to increase next season as the new Saudi Arabian owners of Newcastle United begin to exert their financial might and challenge the dominance of the league’s so-called big six.

“The big six will become the big seven with the Saudi deal for Newcastle,” Boehly said. “There is going to be opportunity for everyone to win.”

This may be music to the ears of Geordies all over the world but we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground. As we are seeing its becoming ever more frustrating trying to bring in big name players in without the “Newcastle Tax” being applied and prices inflated. Its good to see the owners not being pressured into paying extortionate prices this early on in the window.

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