Date: 26th June 2019 at 6:45pm
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Newcastle supporters jumped all over a Tweet sent out by the club’s official page and turned it into an unofficial protest. The Twitter account sent out a good luck message to Christian Atsu, who was in the starting line up for Ghana in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Many fans ignored the sentiment of the message and replied with their thoughts on the mistakes the club have made, with many fans demanding Rafa Benitez be given his job back.

Despite the calls for Rafa’s replacement to be Rafa himself, The Telegraph have reported, a search is underway but the club will not be rushed in making any decision regarding the managerial vacancy.

Many big names have already been linked to the manager’s job but the Newcastle hierarchy could spring a surprise, just as they did when they hired Joe Kinnear as boss. Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have declared themselves out of contention for the job, believing the club is not elite enough. It will be interesting to see if their views change if the takeover gets completed.

And, as a side-note, Atsu’s Ghana drew 2-2 with Benin in their opening Group F game.

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5 Replies to “‘Announce new owners, Rafa or simply stop tweeting’ – Some Newcastle fans angry at club Tweet”

  • I’m just waiting for the news Ashley pulls plug on time wasters! But the more I think about everything I wonder why we all get so upset and surprised by his actions ! Ashley walked in downed a pint in his toon top in the crowd ya know like all footy club owners do ! Class oozing ! Then literally took the piss at every opportunity out of us all ever since ! Treat keegan like shit houghton too made shearer look a twat ! And how many times has he tried to sell ! Now this with Benítez he was always going to let this happen he knows how much he meant to us all I mean I can’t think of any other manager getting sung to for 90 mins ! But It don’t matter we will still buy our really overpriced shirt and season tickets regardless because we’re predictable he could line us all up to get into sjp and spit in our faces individually but until we stop buying his tat ,shirts , games and season tickets and sky or bt had to screen to empty stadia that’s the only way to get rid ! He only understands money ! And that’s how to get rid !

    • The only way to deal with his crap is to call a STRIKE to all games until he’s gone.No more half measures cos he’s laughing all the way to the bank.get a choke hold on his finances and stop feeding him steak and champagne.Hes made all fans look like mugs and he’s drinking your money.The sad thing about this is nobody will do nothing about it,you’ll turn up moan and groan,wear his crap and support the club no matter what.Foolish behaviour for so called clever people.Hes not selling the club and Benetez was a thorn in his side.why on earth would a cockney want a north east club to win a cup or title that’s a no brainer so smell the bovril.STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE.This game you can win hands down

  • Absolutely spot on every word. Will never happen though but IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Even if televised games are targeted especially first game against Arsenal. Let’s all stay away and see what happens , for starters !!!

  • Ashley is toxic and gets off on winding us up. The mans a cancerous tumour sucking the lifeblood from our club. Starve the tumour off cash ie tickets and merchandise stay away from games and humiliate him the lack of cash and publicity for his sweat shop empire will drive him mitts and out of our club. Fuck you ashley you are universally despised

  • Prediction.Benetez to china,Perez china Almiron Real Madrid lascelles to Tottenham Rondon to China Steve Bruce the yes man to Newcastle.Newcastle united relegated and Ashley still owning you all

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