Date: 19th August 2013 at 1:00pm
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An act so simple to some but down right impossible to others.


The art of opening one’s gob and speaking some words in an arranged order that make sense to those that are actually bothered to listen.

An act so simple to some but down right impossible to others.

This leads me to the inevitable target that this topic is about in our very own owner, Michael James Wallace Ashley.

A shy bloke in what we were told but to become a ‘self made’ billionaire, he must have some decent intellect you would think plus an above average IQ. Surely you would think so.

Anyway, regardless of that, let’s just say he isn’t and is in fact just very lucky in that everything has fallen into his lap including finding he holds the front door key to many of our dream locations in St James’ Park.

In his eyes, he may have been trying his best to make Newcastle United a success and be completely oblivious to what the actual issues are between some fans and the club but we’ve been told ‘He knows the score’

Does he really?

None of us that say negative things about our club, like to make the comments but through concern, love or whatever, we have done. It’s because we care.

Some fans have vowed never to set foot inside St James’ again or buy anything from the club. Causing private anguish that sprouts branches of other issues popping up, maybe even family arguments, such is the feeling but still Ashley’s world turns as the business spreadsheet doesn’t show real life drama’s.

A simple solution to benefit everyone would be a revealing of the real Mike Ashley, maybe even an interview on TV of his life story.

An admission to everyone that he bought the club to advertise his brand but try his best to make us a success.

Admitting that he makes mistakes personally can mend many bridges or build some new ones.

If he came out and said he had made mistakes on buying us of not reading the books properly and got caught out financially, WE WOULD UNDERSTAND.

If he came out and continued to say that he used his own money to rectify other people’s financial messes BUT wanted it paid back as soon as possible, WE WOULD UNDERSTAND.

If he came out and said that as soon as ‘the debt’ was clear that he would try his best to make us a top club then, WE WOULD UNDERSTAND.

The fact that we get no communication and are drip fed untruths, speculation or learn about things via a second hand social media outlet at the best of times just leaves us all with nasty tastes in our mouths.

Words are so simple, can heal many wounds and can be the salvation when all seems lost.

It’s about time Ashley opened his to see if we can all get back on the same side. It’s not as sophisticated as it seems.