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All Or Nowt: Newcastle To Feature In Amazon Documentary


It seems like the rumours are true and that Newcastle United will be the latest club to get the All Or Nothing treatment from Amazon.

So far, Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal have featured in the sports documentary series in which a camera crew follows the day-to-day actions of a sports club throughout a season.

Keith Downie has confirmed via Twitter this morning that Newcastle will feature in a four-part documentary looking at Newcastle as they challenge for the top four and look to end their quest for silverware.

The fact that it’s a four-parter suggests that the documentary crew haven’t been around since the start of the season and have only been given access recentently as all other series have been eight hour-long episodes.

Whatever the timeframe of the series, fans will be excited to see behind the curtain at the new-look Newcastle United. We’ve been given a lot more access to the club as fans since the takeover, with increased social media presence and behind the scenes videos, but to get insight into the day-to-day operations, the conversations that we’re not usually privy to and to hopefully get a good look into how Eddie Howe operates is going to be something special for the Toon Army.

There are few details out there at the moment as to when the series will be shown, but you can almost feel the excitement already.

The Vital Football Podcast was LIVE on Tuesday night talking about Manchester City’s woes, Jesse Marsch’s sacking and Nathan Jones being all David Brent.

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