Date: 8th October 2017 at 1:38pm
Written by:

With Mike Ashley’s tenure here at Newcastle being described as anything but glittering, you can understand the trepidation ahead.

As unpredictable as he is in how he runs things here, you can almost pinpoint when the most dangerous decisions are made with each and every one of them designed with himself as the main beneficiary.

For the fans with their eye on the ball though, every bad decision for the football may not necessarily have been a bad one from a business sense of view but we don’t support a club to celebrate the financial figures as it gets you nowt and with the HMRC circling the club at present, it could get a lot worse.

Recent talk of takeovers have been met with thoughts of non-belief from many with the general consensus that it’s the usual smokescreen of trying to get out of spending money needed to keep the club stable or progress further.

Far too many times have we seen a mood that is threatening to turn into something ugly before the PR stories come out of change with all of the media reporting on Amanda Staveley being at the last game against Liverpool and unconfirmed rumours that she’s been at others. Ive no doubt these could well be fueled by the PR brigade to divert the attention from what is going on.

We need someone to allow the club to be run in an honest manner and to try to reach a potential that we all can see, instead of someone who is capping everything but the money that is diverted elsewhere.

It’s a dangerous game when the lies are pedaled and hopefully we aren’t sitting here at the end of the January transfer window with a less than satisfactory investment and an owner who suddenly expresses a wish to stay knowing full well that they will have gotten away with it due to the PR department. I hope im wrong but it’s dangerous not to believe the hype.

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