Date: 4th December 2017 at 2:01pm
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This week sees the 125th anniversary of various sides coming together over a few year period and us eventually becoming United.

Stanley FC formed from a cricket club in 1881in Byker but then changed name to Newcastle East End the following year after it kept getting confused with a cricket club of the same name from Stanley in Durham. Rosewood FC, also from Byker, merged with East End not long after.

West End cricket club also formed a team in 1882 and called themselves Newcastle West End FC.

East End moved grounds from Byker to Heaton in 1886, I think it was around the Manors area but im pretty sure the Heaton one was around Chillingham Road metro/Train interchange area to the East of the city centre. At the same time, West End moved into a piece of land just a half a mile or so off the town moor. St James’ Park is what we know it as.

Both East End and West End became rivals in the then Northern League but differing fortunes lay ahead.

In 1889, East End went professional but West End started to get into financial difficulties. Eventually it became serious enough for them to approach East End to ask for help.

A result of these measures saw the club technically saved in May 1892 with some of it’s players and staff joining forces although it meant that the West End club name was gone, East End now leased St James’ Park.

As a result of there now being just one big club in the city, interest increased although with entry to the football league denied, an invitation was turned down to join division two because of the costs involved in travelling to sides that weren’t attractive or low gates not really being cost effective, so we stayed in the Northern League.

A decision was made then that a name change could increase interest further so it went up for debate. Im not sure how they decided on the name but there was many that it could have been including City of Newcastle, Newcastle City, Newcastle FC and Newcastle Rangers although we know what the end result was.

The name Newcastle United was created on the 9th December 1892 although it wasn’t legally constituted until 1895 although the FA accepted the change on the 22nd December 1892.

This information is pretty much common knowledge to those of us that have supported through thick and thin although it is freely available in history books, on the club website or sites like Wikipedia. What isn’t freely available is the passion displayed over the years.

We all have our own story of how we have seen the club over the years and what our ambitions are with hopefully a new chapter around the corner after us suffering for far too long and this weekend sees Leicester face us on what promises to be a great occasion.

As the week goes on, im guessing we’ll see more coverage with many asking for the greatest XI we have ever had. Depending on age group will surely determine who gets picked and personally I find it a bit disrespectful to the great players that will have been forgotten now that have added honours to the club achievement list including the great side of the turn of the 20th century and the cup winning treble one of the 50’s.

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